Between Ubulu-lhejiofor and Ibadan: Betty’s terrific route to 70

As the dawn breaks, Betty’s mind should make a sort of crucible. It should, like a weird mosaic, wear variegated patterns, because she attained the highly coveted platinum jubilee, today, against tall odds; and, of course, with a different taste.

Reaching the seventieth rung, for someone in Betty’s shoes, who had risen from especial rubbles, who travelled the rigorous routes and yet remained whole; who repeatedly circuited deathly routes with virtual wreck must be a big bash. It should come as no surprise should her radius of thoughts reaches for the vertex, wherefore.

Her web of thoughts would possibly thread from Ubulu-lhejiofor, through Umuchukwu Amaorie, to Emeabiam; she would possibly have considered a walk around Avu or Egbu, retell Aketi why her legs wobbled at Enugu or what Nmisi whispered to her on the way to Christ Church. She may have wished that Darlin ‘me’ reflect the Kòpindógba saga in his typical epistle for Maddie; or paint the portrait Forsie gave him en route stardom.

The fluidy direction of her reflections notwithstanding, Betty has been reminded, before hand, that she is no longer a teenybopper, and that she should cease to push herself hardly. Aketi forewarned as a response to a query on counsel for another of Betty’s subjects. He told her to begin to make things cushy for herself as she moved to this rare height.

As we celebrate this unorthodox genius, the tale of her sojourn toward this verge would make a nightingale, anytime. But we wait! We must, per force, admit that hers are seventy sturdy years, rich in whips as they are in wins; her turning 70, for folks who know this redoubtable personality beyond the borders, is truly a milestone.

A serial winner, a virulent voice, a huntress and first rate amazon; a soul brutally real in a clime heavily soaked in lies. Betty gracefully reached the apogee of royalty, yet fit as a fiddle.

Ibàdàn Gbemí- why not? Congratulations, Her Excellency, Betty Onyetugochioma Claribel Uburuamaka Anyanwu-Akeredolu. You sure wear Seventy Smartly!

Debo Akinbami is the Special Assistant to the Governor on Media & Archives.

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