Hon. Tope Komolafe donates N1m to VOTY group

In a heartwarming display of commitment to his constituency’s well-being, Hon. Tope Komolafe, the esteemed representative of Ifedore constituency, has once again demonstrated his dedication to improving access to clean water.

The lawmaker on Sunday disclosed that 10 wards within Ifedore local government area will be given the sum of one million naira each to provide borehole within the first 10 months of his stay in office

Also on the occasion of Voice Of The Youth’s (VOTY) first year anniversary, Hon. Komolafe made a significant donation of One Million naira for a bore drilling project in the Isarun/Erigidi ward.

This marks the second time he has contributed in such a way, having recently donated funds for a similar borehole in Igbara Oke just a few weeks ago.

The recent donation reaffirms Hon. Komolafe’s unwavering commitment to addressing a fundamental need for his constituents – access to potable water. With his sights set on ensuring that every ward within Ifedore Local Government has access to this essential resource, his actions mirror his words.

The commemorative event not only celebrated the VOTY group’s first year milestone but also showcased Hon. Komolafe’s ongoing dedication to making a positive impact in his community.

This isn’t the first time Hon. Komolafe’s name has been linked with transformative initiatives. His dedication to uplifting Ifedore’s living standards has been a defining feature of his tenure. As the celebrations unfolded, the community gathered to express their gratitude for his proactive stance on addressing one of the most pressing needs in the region.

While delivering his donation, Hon. Komolafe emphasized the importance of community collaboration and unity in achieving progress.

He encouraged local residents to continue working together to ensure that every household has access to clean and safe drinking water. His inspiring words resonated deeply, reinforcing the notion that positive change can be achieved when public representatives and their constituents work hand in hand.

In a time when such acts of benevolence are crucial, Hon. Tope Komolafe’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life in Ifedore through sustainable projects speaks volumes. With his efforts, he serves as an example for others, illustrating that transformative change begins at the grassroots level and is powered by the collective will of the people.

As the people of Ifedore look ahead, they do so with renewed hope and a shared commitment to building a brighter future, fortified by clean water and the spirit of unity.

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