How, Maritime Police Obstructe Easy of doing business Lagos Port – Tanko

Why 1800 Containers Trapped Port

The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), 100% Compliance Team has called on Federal Government to immediately investigate an alleged sharp practices of Maritime Police against 1800 stuck at Lagos ports

having been flagged down for investigation by the police division.

Speaking to some journalists shortly after a protest at Apapa port during the weekend, the National Coordinator, NAGAFF 100% Compliance Team, Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim alleged that the police division is conniving with shipping companies to get information of consignments and arbitrary intercept cargo clearance.

While expressing displeasure over the current urgly incident, Tanko said that the activities of Maritime Police are primarily geared towards extortion, as freight forwarders and shippers part with a minimum of N1.5million for each container flagged down by these maritime police.

According to Tanko “At the moment, there are over 1800 containers trapped within the Western ports as a result of sharp practices of Maritime Police. For each container, Police collects N1.5million before releasing it and most times there is no reason for intercepting the containers in the first place “

“We wrote letters to the Police Inspector General of Police and other stakeholders at the ports about this problem. We notified port stakeholders that this protest will happen two weeks ago and we followed-up with a reminder, but nobody engaged us for any meeting or dialogue. There are numerous issues but the major one is the Maritime Police. After freight forwarders clear containers from the ports, we are harassed on the roads by this police division. They seize the containers and take it to their barracks.”

While still expanciating on it ” the Maritime Police connivance is with shipping companies as they also block the containers even before they are released by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), leading to additional demurrage and storage charges on the consignments”.

“Their connivance is with shipping companies to extort monies from us, especially Lagos and Niger shipping company. We are also subjected to paying the demurrage that accrues from the delay while resolving any issue with the police. We aren’t against the Police carrying out any investigation on consignments if they insist it is their job; but we are no longer going to be held liable for the demurrage and additional charges during their investigations,” he lamented.

Tanko warned that the freight forwarding group is at the verge of dragging the matter to court, stressing that this may be the most effective way to address the issue if pleas, dialogue and protests fail.

“We recognize that ports are sensitive areas, that’s why we have been more open to dialogue and deliberations instead of protests,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, he noted that Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and AP Moller Terminal Apapa have called for an emergency meeting with the aggrieved freight agents over the issue on Monday, next week.

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