Niger: Tunji Abayomi Condemns Military Dictatorship

Renowned Constitutional Lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Dr. Tunji Abayomi, on Sunday, censured military dictatorship, saying it has never provided a benevolent government to African society.

Abayomi made this statement in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, while reacting to military takeover in Africa. This was even as he condemned dictatorship in its entirety.

He noted that “what we need to insist upon is a democracy that works comfortably for the people of Africa, in keeping with Africa’s tradition.”

According to him, “Have we not lived through military dictatorship before? What was its typical legacy other than unjust and unwarranted killings of self and others just to sustain power?”

The human rights activist stressed that “what should be the nature of such a government, and what should it not be? The lessons of history have amply demonstrated that a government based on conquest by the sword has never and probably will never provide mankind with sufficient honor, respect, or happiness in life’s short journey.

“When I contemplate the natural freedom endowed by God on man so that mankind can achieve fulfillment and happiness for himself on earth, and after much study of dictatorship, especially in our land, I need no proof beyond mere recognition to know that dictatorship is a fraud.”

“To purge ourselves of any benefits arising from autocracy, we need to understand it. A dictator is an opportunist compared to nothing but a ruffian. He hates truth and knows no right from wrong; he respects no man, regards no community, confounds the mind, debases and degenerates the intellect,” Abayomi said.

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