Ondo Speaker Hosts 9th, 10th Assembly Lawmakers

By Precious Oluwole

The Speaker, Ondo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Olamide Oladiji, On Friday, hosted 9th and 10th Assembly lawmakers.

According to him, the uniqueness of the occasion is fostered by the fact that it is the first of its kind since the dissolution of the 9th Assembly, some months ago.

He added that the meeting was deliberately called because of his firm and unflinching belief in the fact that there is a strong need to build a formidable tie in the body of lawmakers in Ondo State.

“I was not only a member of the 9th Assembly, as the Deputy Majority Leader, I was a major stakeholder in the activities of the Assembly. To this end, l can say, boldly, without mincing words, that the experience garnered has prepared me for the current task”.

“Whenever I reflect on the numerous successes recorded during the 9th assembly of which I was a major stakeholder, I have this strong belief that there is much that unites us as a body of lawmakers. This is suffice to say that irrespective of our political affiliation, we have much to gain in our chosen course of ensuring adequate dispensation of democracy dividends, nay
watering of such in the political firmament of our sunshine state, Ondo State”.

“Distinguished colleagues, this unique occasion is not only meant for merry making but to create a relaxed atmosphere through which as members of the same family, we can jaw-jaw in a way to ventilate ideas that are positive to the development of our state and the people”.

“With your support, a few months ago, I was elected as the Rt. Honourable Speaker, Ondo State House of Assembly. This has bestowed upon me an enormous task of leadership”.

“To God be the glory, the handful of success thus far attained since my assumption of office were made possible by God and your unwavering support for me”.

“The tasks ahead require that we all put our hands on the plough trusting in God and man to see us through. There is always strength in unity. There is much we can achieve together as a body of lawmakers. This is why I will continue to leverage on your colective strength and wisdom in our current drive to deliver the much needed democracy dividends to our people”.

“My doors are open to advice and suggestions that would enhance our performance in office and by extension register our names in the sand of times. To this extent I want to state that this meeting will hold at intervals”.

The speaker in his thanksgiving mood sang songs of praise to appreciate God Almighty.

The past and present Lawmakers commended the initaive of the Speaker, stressing that it was a great opportunity to meet again whine and share ideas for the growth and development of the State

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