Sejeokun Royal Family Describes Tension In Ijare Over Selection Of New Monarch As Baseless

Following the reports on the pages of news papers and social media that there is a palpable tension at Ijare community in Ifedore local government area of Ondo state over the selection of new Olujare of Ijare, the Sejeokun Royal family of the community has described the reports as baseless and misinformation put up by some faceless entity to divert public stance as regards people’s yearning over the vacant stool of Olujare.

While speaking In an interview with journalists in ijare town, some Royal family members and kingmakers who craved anonymity said members of the Sejeokun Ruling House had been united since the beginning of the selection process and it is within the purview of the Kingmakers and Royal family to choose the next Olujare.

The Olujare stool became vacant two years ago when Oba Adebamigbe Oluwagbemigun, Kokotiri II, joined his ancestors and the process of selecting new monarch by Royal family and kingmakers has been causing differences in the town as nine out of 13 candidates such as Mr. Kola Oyewole were screened out based on IFA consultations, character and self development.

Ijare had been known for their peculiarities even down to chosen their traditional ruler and as an inundation of One ruling house ‘Sejeokun ruling house’ as detailed in chieftaincy declaration .

it was confirmed that the Royal Family (Omowas) screened out nine out of 13 of the candidates, clearing four of them for the kingmakers to pick from and the family decision sent to the local government.

Source further alleged the head of King’s Makers of trying to sabotage the efforts being put in place by OMOWA’S and community to enforce his candidate,kola Oyewole who has been rejected by the communities having failed to meet all the set criteria including education, character, community participation and outrightly rejected by IFA divination on three instances.

It was noted that there was a mass protest in the town at the weekend against the Head of the kingmakers, the Sapetu of Ijare, High Chief Wemimo Olaniyan, for delaying the process of picking new monarch and that he didn’t allow the selection of new Olujare to continue.

“The vacant stool and the bid to select a new king has been the concern of the least citizen of the town which led to the protest in line with the traditional way of revisiting people’s concern in ecstatic public demand that kingmakers should give us our king”.

The regent of the Ijare community in his words appeals to the kingsmakers to act like a leader and fasten the selection process and not further sitting on the list.

In these video clip the regent further said, if the Kingsmakers had really loved the community they should not be partisan and act fast in these final selection stages and to further avoid letting Obaship tussle disturb the peace of the community.

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