Tunji Abayomi begs Nigerians: ‘Support Tinubu to bail country out of economic stranglehold’

Human Rights Activist and Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko in Ondo State, Dr. Tunji Abayomi has urged Nigerians to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his quest to bail the country from the economic stranglehold.

He said: “We have the last chance for necessary restoration as well as protection of Nigeria from imminent collapse. This is an abnormal time that simply dismisses normal drug.”

According to him, now it is important to tell the peoples of Nigeria that if we want a serious Nation, we have our last chance to move in the direction of necessary change.

Abayomi in a statement issued in Akure, the Ondo State capital today said that the task ahead is enormous and If anyone has a doubt, he should understand that it’s providentially purposeful for Bola Ahmed Tinubu to become President of Nigeria considering the mountainous and seemingly unconquerable challenges he faced in the struggle for Presidency.

“There is only one way to work for the change this time demands, to rigidly firm up our support for the President’s effort to clean up Nigeria.

“Nigeria needs cleaning with very strong detergent considering how corrosive bad leadership has been. We need necessarily to support the present government to bring about the chance and the change we need.

“As to the government, her means and ways need to seriously demonstrate determined spirit to change Nigeria for her betterment if she truly wants the support of Nigerians. Government must also move with little brake as it breaks down the problems including those inside government particularly corruption, inefficiecy and deficiencies as well as other inhibitors to national development”, Abayomi noted

The Constitutional Lawyer further pointed out that before the election he had the regular honor to interact with the President and he knew his determination to do wonderful things in Nigeria that would restore her honor, regard and peaceful living.

He went on : “The challenge of corruption, disorder, leadership betrayal and pitilessness transcend our diminishing and embarrassing lack of development in an advancing age. Bola Tinubu must be supported to gain advantage for Nigeria as he intends.

“In this regard a caution is particularly necessary to some of our courts. We must have a Nation before we talk of justice within her, just as we must secure orderly goverment before rights of citizens can triumph.

“Worthless and enhanceless orders against necessary administration of justice or that allows free roaming of high criminals such as injunctions against prosecution of criminals or crimes that brought Nigeria this low, is nothing but a threat to the well-being of Nigeria. It certainly cannot be a good exercise of respectable judicial power vested by the people on the Courts”, he added.


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