COWA Chair, Nnadi Calls for Women’s Inclusion

By: Joy Enamuna

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Mrs. Chinelo Dera Nnadi, Chairperson of the Tin Can Island Port, Customs Officers Wife Association (COWA), is advocating for greater inclusion of women in all aspects of official appointments.

Speaking at the event held at the TICT Customs command in Lagos, she emphasized the importance of women being tolerant, teachable, accommodating, and guided by principles of faith in their endeavors.

The gathering provided a valuable platform for female officers, sister government agencies, and stakeholders to address feminine issues, share experiences, and discuss challenges faced by women in various spheres.

Mrs. Nnadi underscored COWA’s mission to elevate women’s visibility and participation across society, emphasizing that the aim is not merely equality, but rather fostering love, respect, and inclusive opportunities for women.

Former Customs Deputy Comptroller General (DCG) Catherine Ekekezie (rtd), serving as guest lecturer, highlighted qualities essential for women’s progress, including humility, honesty, integrity, decency, modesty in appearance and communication, and a deep-rooted reverence for God, irrespective of religious beliefs.

Ekekezie urged women to be proactive, stay informed about current affairs, continuously upgrade their skills, and actively contribute to society, rather than confining themselves to domestic roles.

Emphasizing the importance of supporting their husbands while maintaining independence, she noted that women are designed as partners and helpers, not mere dependents in the societal structure.

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