Ever Bright: Making Real Difference With Real Estate

Real Estate business is not a new theme to folks around; not even the fact that housing has since endured as Nigeria’s perennial worry. As a business form, this vast economic sector has had array of players delved into its ample bosom with diverse outcomes; yet the housing business daily recieve investors with diverse interests and pursuits into its expansive scope.

As a sturdy part of the nation’s economy and a critical boost for its GDP, various players deal within its orbit, taking different roles as developers, contractors or nonprofit actors. In spite of this, marked shortfall persists within the putatively rich sector and affects the larger part all Nigeria’s constituents, leaving each state to fend for its own. Even so, the usual search for originality either deters folks or keeps them dithering as to what choice is best to make about housing.

In dealing with this ubiquitous housing dearth, however, Ondo State seems to have found a trump card with the entry of Ever Bright Developers and Real
Company to its fold. Since it came, Ever Bright has caused positive alterations in the real estate affairs of the Sunshine State as a debonair investor with a knack for aesthetics; one poised to optimise development and scale up actions in providing decent shelter for Nigerians through the construction of cosy facilities.

Ever Bright chose Ondo State because of the state’s peculiar ambience and relative safety assurance, its accommodating populace, suitable lands for desired projects and a high rise in demand for quality facilities that Ever Bright is known for. No doubt, Ondo State is one of the most secured states in Nigeria as of today, and remains the ideal place for potential investors as it offers plethora business opportunities for property development.

Having made a bold entry and readily gaining visibility, the company has since established itself as a forceful brand and swiftly evolving as the country’s sturdiest real estate trademark while it seeks to complement government’s earnest efforts in addressing housing deficit.

Meanwhile, close watchers have affirmed the notion that Ever Bright is speedily enhancing urbanisation of ondo state and, by extension, the country. And, for its penchant for quality, it does not serve mundane designs but moulds masterpieces that portray the meticulous methods of its author, knowing that a world class company of its status should, per force, consider customers’ long-term benefits.

To this extent, Ever Bright conscientiously upholds global rules in relation to meeting diverse property needs of buyers while placing premium on customer satisfaction. Here is an organisation that has earned alluring reputation through the delivery of exquisite estate projects and churning out prodigious architectural designs matched with quality structural templates and amazing interior in line with best practices.

With genuine craving for reducing housing deficits with quality homes. Ever Bright preoccupies itself with delivering excellence to clients from near and far. Even now, new properties are currently on sale on appealing terms. With friendly prices and flexible payment plans targeted at specific market segments, the company positions itself toward providing the highest value for money.

Ever Bright’s properties are suitably located in serene and eco-friendly neighbourhoods, including the new facility sited barely 3 minutes drive from Akure Airport that come with particularly unique offerings and meet customers’ needs for comfort, security, serenity, standard shopping mall and a fitting playground. Made up of fifteen (15) ‘stand alone’ structures comprising 2, 3-bedroom bungalows, supplementing each structure with a boys’ quarter.

Ever Bright, with a towering track record, looms large among its peers
as a frontline property development company that builds its own on a sturdy foundation, combining standard (produced on-site) materials with the proven expertise of seasoned professionals. Small wonder the results have become lustrous in all its outputs, from Jewel Gardens to Havilah Court, Majesty Court, D’avalon, Gems’ Court and the Duchess.

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