Ondo Cabinet Members Pass Vote Of Confidence In Akeredolu

In fulfillment of our dedicated responsibilities to advance the programs and policies of the Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu-led administration, encapsulated in the REDEEMED agenda, aimed at enhancing the lives of the people and fostering development across the state, we proudly commend the people’s Governor for the unprecedented progress under his leadership.

As members of the State Executive Council, we have imbibed the principles of good governance, integrity, and commitment from the very best- Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON. The courage and exemplary leadership consistently displayed by Mr. Governor continue to motivate and inspire us to fulfill our duties

Without hesitation, Mr. Governor is a blessing to the good people of Ondo State. His leadership has been rewarding and inspirational. Governor Akeredolu is not only a worthy leader but also a national asset who passionately pursues the welfare of the country. This patriotic leadership is characterized by unwavering courage in leading the people of the Sunshine State towards prosperity and progress.

As Mr. Governor’s foot soldiers, we take immense pride in being under his leadership Witnessing his dedication, sleepless nights, and commitment to protecting and serving the people of the state, despite numerous challenges in the past, is truly admirable. His leadership embodies compassion, vision, and commitment to development, progress, and peace

In Ondo State today, we are reaping the benefits of Mr. Governor’s courage. The Amotekun corps, a product of Mr. Governor’s determination, has become a celebrated innovation in the security architecture of the state and the Southwest in general. Since security is the primary objective of any government, the existence of Amotekun is a testament to Governor Akeredolu’s visionary leadership.

Popularly referred to as “Mr. Road” or “Mr. Infrastructure,” these appellations reflect the administration’s giant strides in infrastructural development. Since assuming office, Mr. Governor has demonstrated a clear passion and dedication to bridging infrastructural gaps in the state. Over the past six years, significant growth and progress in infrastructural development have been recorded, including the construction of two unprecedented flyovers.

The first flyover, named “Redemption Bridge” and located in Ore, was constructed by the Governor Akeredolu-led administration. The second, the first in the state capital, is underway at the Shagari/Onyearbulem junction in Akure. These infrastructure projects, termed “Dividend of good governance” by Mr. Governor, represent a substantial public good

Under the leadership of our amiable Governor, the government has taken a significant leap in the health sector. The construction of 250-bed ultra-modern teaching hospitals in Akure and Ondo respectively has reached an appreciable level. Mr. Governor has made substantial strides in the health sector, with the University of Medical Sciences in Ondo benefiting from the administration’s commitment to its development.

Having worked closely with the Governor, we commend his dedication to public service and achievements in infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and various sectors that have positively impacted the lives of Ondo State people. We take pride in sharing in these achievements and successes, acknowledging Mr. Governor’s visionary governance, commitment to development, and tireless efforts in improving the well-being of Ondo State citizens.

Therefore, we unanimously declare our unflinching trust in Mr. Governor and endorse his impactful leadership. As a united front, we remain steadfast in our support for Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, CON, and pledge to continue working collaboratively towards the advancement and prosperity of the state. We express our gratitude to Mr. Governor for his selfless service and courageous leadership.

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