2023 IWD: Ondo NAWOJ Puts Smile On Faces Of Widows

By Precious Oluwole

Not less than 50 widows have been empowered by the Nigeria Association Of Women Journalists, (NAWOJ) Ondo State council.

This is in a bid to commemorate this year’s international widow’s day.

In her welcome address, the Acting Chairperson of NAWOJ, Mrs Tola Gbadamosi said that Widow’s day is a day to remember widows and reach out to them and NAWOJ is there to encourage them to be strong, no matter what the situation is.

She stressed that anything that happens is as a result of what God wants and not anybody’s making. Her words ” all we need to do is to stand firm and be steadfast in Him.

She also appreciated Engr. Ife Oyedele as well as others for their contribution to the success of the event.

The chairperson of the occasion, Mrs Oluwadaisi One noted that for a society where women’s rights are subjected to perceived interpretation of culture and arguable communal beliefs that have made widow vulnerable, a day set aside for the recognition of widows therefore must be one of the special days to identify with and celebrate the widows in our country.

“In the holy bible, God revealed in His word how special are the widows. In 1st Timothy Chapter 5 verse 3. He said honour widows, they should trust in God and continue in supplication to God day and night. We have therefore honour God and bestow same honour to widows so that they will trust God and continue in prayers and supplications to Him who is the creator of heaven and earth”.

“A gathering like this therefore, will only atford us the opportunity to identify with the widows once in a vear, we must therefore lend support to any effort that seeks to empower women through skills acquisition for self-reliant beyond a one-off event. This is a challenge we must all see as call to serve humanity”.

“Let me thank the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) who are organisers of the event for providing the plattorm through which these great women in our society could be identified with and celebrated. Please do not relent. let us continue to support and provide needed support for every effort that will empower women so that they can stand on their own when the unexpected happens”.

“What we have done here today is that we have all decided to act as stipulated by God in the book of Timothy that charged us to honour widows ls in recognition of this injunetion that we have, through the token we have provided, identified with you on this special occasion set aside to celebrate you. I pray that G0d will continue to camfort you. He will never cease to be the source of your joy and sustenance”.

According to the National Financial Secretary of NAWOJ, Mrs Adeola Adekunle opined that the international widow’s day is set aside to recognize the widows, pray for them, celebrate with them, eradicate injustice being face by them and fight poverty.

She added that it is the duty of NAWOJ to try as much as possible, in their own little way to cater for the less privilege, women, children and the widow, especially, the vulnerable.

While encouraging the widows to accept the gifts with love, she also advised them not to hesitate to approach the of the State council of NAWOJ whenever they are facing any challenge or injustice.

In her words of encouragement, Mrs Olayinka Oluwatuyi told the widows to be strong, hardworking and strive hard to take care of their children.

Also, Mrs Nnenna Sotonwa added they should always pray, put their hope in God and endeavor that their children have a good education.

The widows who went home with different foodstuffs and cash gift appreciated NAWOJ for bringing succour to them.

The empowerment took place at NUJ press center, Alagbaka, Akure the state capital.

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