Aketi, Now I Bid Thee Well By Olukayode Ajulo, SAN

Hark! As I alit in London, on that bleak December’s day,
The tidings struck me deep, sorrow held its sway.
A cherished brother lost, a loss I strive to keep,
For four decades in Ibadan, city of Seven hills, our lives entwined, so deep.

Thou, a son of Anglican clergy, I, an Anglican bookseller’s child,
Our paths converged, our spirits reconciled.
Admiration flowed, like a river pure and wide,
Thy presence, charismatic and urban, a soothing tide.

Stylish and bold, fearlessly thou didst tread,
Speaking thy mind, where others oft’ly fled.
Imperfections adorned thee, like threads of grace,
Yet thou embraced them all, with humility and embrace.

Infirmities sought to hinder, to curtail thy grand design,
But thy spirit blazed on, a flame that would not decline.
For thy state, thou fought with unwavering might,
Infrastructure, thy beacon, guiding toward a future bright.

Challenges besieged, yet thou stood tall,
Defending thy people, heeding wisdom’s call.
Amotekun, a shield raised to protect and defend,
Marauders scattered, their reign brought to an end.

In the face of hardship, thy resolve held strong,
A leader steadfast, enduring trials along.
Now I bid thee farewell, dear Aketi, heavy my hearts,
Thy memory etched, woven in life’s intricate arts.

May thy soul find eternal rest, released from life’s strife,
Embraced by serenity, where troubles fade, where light thrives.
Farewell, dear Governor, thy impact shall endure,
In lives touched, thy vision and wisdom secure.

Through boldness and fearlessness, thou hast set the stage,
Inspiring a morrow, built on a righteous sage.
In this tapestry of memories, where emotions intertwine,
I bid adieu to a luminary, a soul so divine.

Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON, thy grace we embrace,
May thy soul find eternal peace, in eternity’s infinite space.

-Dr. Olukayode Ajulo, SAN, OON

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