Akoko Reps bye-election: Ife Ehindero emerges victorious in APC Primary Election

Ifeoluwa Ehindero has emerged victorious in the All Progressives Congress (APC) Primary Election for the upcoming bye-election in Akoko North East and North West Federal Constituency.

The election took place at Victory College Ikare (VCI) in Akoko North East Local Government Area of Ondo State on Saturday.

Mr. Ifeoluwa garnered 105 votes, whereas Makinde David, one of the remaining eight aspirants, secured only one vote, and the others received no votes.

Prior to the election, amid stringent security measures, the Chairman of the Election Committee, Abdulkadir Nasir, outlined the election guidelines to the aspirants.

On the protest by some aspirants, the Chairman said he was working in consonance with the party’s highlighted guidelines and would not compromised to favor any aspirants.

However, supporters of Mr. Ife Ehindero were seen jubilating after the election was announced by the election committee.

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