Claims Against Governor Aiyedatiwa: Unraveling the Complexities of Ondo Politics By Toluwani Borokini

In response to the recent press statement issued by certain Federal lawmakers regarding Ondo State Governor, His Excellency Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa, it is too early for these lawmakers to cry foul, hence, it is imperative to provide a balanced perspective on the unfolding events in Ondo State.
Governor Aiyedatiwa’s decisions and recent appointments are geared towards the pursuit of good governance rather than personal vendettas. The claim that his deputy, Hon Adelami is a political adversary of the late Governor Akeredolu might be overstated, as political dynamics often involve collaboration with individuals across diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, allegations of association with political enemies and opposition parties are widely exaggerated, as fostering dialogue with a broad spectrum of stakeholders is crucial for inclusivity in governance. Recent appointments by the Governor should be viewed from the angle of expertise rather than narrowing it down to political affiliations for the purpose of watering down the efforts of the Governor to suit their personal interests which clearly doesn’t align with the aspiration of Governor Aiyedatiwa as the Party prepares for its Gubernatorial Primary election.

Regarding the dissolution of local Government structures, it is essential to acknowledge the need for administrative reforms for the progress of the State. Governor Aiyedatiwa’s actions may be seen as proactive rather than erasing his predecessor’s legacy, with the intent of enhancing efficiency and proper service delivery.

The accusations of taking credit for the late Governor Akeredolu’s achievements warrant careful consideration. It is plausible that the Governor aims to build on existing successes rather than undermining his predecessor’s legacy. The perceived rush in dissolving the executive council shouldn’t be viewed from the angle of hatred as some of the dissolved cabinet members had been part of Akeredolu’s administration from inception and had spent over 6years in same capacities where they were appointed, hence, the need for fresh hands. Nobody is a custodian of knowledge. Dissolution of cabinet happens across States for the sake of fairness and creating room for improvement in governance and service delivery.

It is crucial to approach these allegations with a nuanced understanding of the complexities of governance. Governor Aiyedatiwa’s recent actions and approach to governance are driven by genuine commitment to the progress of Ondo State, its citizens, and a comprehensive evaluation of the situation should be prioritized above personal political interests before drawing conclusions. Disputes, challenges and misunderstandings are bound to happen within the party as individual’s political interests lie with different aspirants but constructive dialogue and collaboration among party members are essential for the continued success of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State especially in the coming Gubernatorial poll.

Simeon Toluwani Borokini,
Ondo State House of Assembly.
9th Assembly

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