Customs Controller Hosts Interfaith Dinner at Tincan Island Port, Prays for Nigeria’s Progress

By: Joy Enamuna

The Customs Area Controller of Tincan Island Port, Comptroller Dera Nnadi, extended greetings to both Christians and Muslims.

Nnadi hosted a delightful dinner for both religions, celebrating the 18th day of IFTAR for Muslims and Easter for Christians.

This event, a first in TICP’s history, aimed to pray for the nation’s peace and progress, attended by government heads, stakeholders, media, and the Imma of TICP.

Nnadi emphasized the importance of unity through prayer for Nigeria’s development, noting that prayers from both religions have kept the nation resilient amid economic challenges.

He commended stakeholders for their turnout and government agencies for clearing the TinCan Island Port corridor of traffic, attributing the success to strategic planning by the Nigeria Ports Authority, particularly Port Manager Mr. Sylvester O Egede.

Port Manager Egede, a seasoned Geographer, appreciated the cooperation of truck owners and collaboration from truckers, highlighting the benefits for stakeholders and faster cargo delivery turnaround time.

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