Ekiti Assembly Seeks Regional Integration With Ondo govt

By Precious Oluwole

Members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, accompanied by members from the Ondo State House of Assembly, embarked on a significant tripartite visit to Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, on Monday at the governor’s office.

Led by the Ekiti Speaker and Chairman of the South West Conference of Speakers, Adeoye Stephen Aribasoye, the visit held a dual purpose encompassing condolence, courtesy, and advocacy for regional synergy.

During the visit, Speaker Aribasoye paid homage to the late Governor, acknowledging his profound contributions to the development of Ondo State and the entire South West region.

He emphasized the imperative of building upon the late Governor’s legacy, highlighting its paramount importance in sustaining progress and development initiatives.

Expressing their best wishes, the delegation extended warm regards to Governor Aiyedatiwa in his new leadership role. They conveyed their hopes for his success in steering the state towards greater heights of prosperity and advancement.

Integral to the discussions was the call for enhanced collaboration and synergy between the legislative and executive arms of both states. The delegates advocated for the full implementation of autonomy for the legislature, recognizing its significance in promoting democracy and effective governance.

In his response, Governor Aiyedatiwa expressed gratitude for the visit, reminiscing about the late Governor’s legacy as a champion for the marginalized and a fearless advocate.

He reassured the delegation that the late Governor’s vision and initiatives would be steadfastly continued, ensuring that his impactful work endures.

Regarding the issue of legislative autonomy, Governor Aiyedatiwa affirmed that it would be deliberated upon at the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, stressing the need for careful consideration of its implications.

He further pledged support for a harmonized legislative framework in the South West region, emphasizing the importance of initiatives that align with good governance principles.

The tripartite visit highlighted the spirit of unity, collaboration, and mutual support among states within the South West region, reflecting a shared commitment to collective progress and development.

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