Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa: A Steadfast Leader Reviving Ondo State By Oluyemi Fasipe

Governor Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa stepped into the role of Governor of Ondo State under unforeseen circumstances, following the untimely demise of former Governor Rotimi Akeredolu. However, it didn’t take long for Governor Lucky to hit the ground running, showcasing his dedication to serving the state and its citizens. From the rapid completion of infrastructure projects to the prompt payment of salaries and pensions, Governor Lucky’s commendable actions and political will have begun to transform Ondo State for the better.

One of the first moves made by Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa was to fast-track the completion of various infrastructural projects across Ondo State. Recognizing the importance of these projects for the development and growth of the state, Governor Lucky wasted no time in reviving abandoned projects that were critical to improving the lives of the people. His commitment to seeing these projects through to completion demonstrates his determination to provide the necessary infrastructure for the citizens.

Governor Lucky’s prompt action extended to addressing the concerns of civil servants. Understanding the importance of a stable income for the well-being of both individuals and families, he immediately ordered the prompt payment of salaries and pensions. Furthermore, he went a step further by clearing the arrears owed to civil servants, providing them with a sense of financial security and stability. This move not only garnered the respect and appreciation of the workforce but also boosted productivity and morale.

Another remarkable action taken by Governor Lucky was the commencement of payments for the long-overdue gratuity of retirees. Many retired civil servants had been waiting for years to receive their gratuity, facing financial challenges during their retirement. Governor Lucky recognized their plight and demonstrated his commitment to their well-being by initiating the process of disbursing their owed gratuity. This compassionate act showcased Governor Lucky’s genuine concern for the welfare of Ondo State’s citizens, particularly its elderly population.

Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa’s actions speak volumes about his political will and determination to serve the citizens of Ondo State. Despite assuming office under difficult circumstances, he wasted no time in taking decisive actions to address pressing issues and challenges. His evidence-based approach to governance and his willingness to listen to the concerns of the people make him a leader worthy of commendation. He has shown a commitment to tangible progress and the well-being of the citizens. With Governor Lucky at the helm, Ondo State is on track to achieve greater heights of development and prosperity.

Oluyemi Fasipe (@YemieFash)

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