Ondo Amotekun nabs syndicate for drugging, raping residents

A six-man syndicate, that specializes in drugging, robbing and raping unsuspecting residents of their valuables in Ondo state, have been arrested by the state security outfit, codenamed Amotekun.

The suspects, allegedly spray chemical substances into the room of their victims, which makes them sleep off, and they rob and rape them thereafter.

They were among 32 suspected criminals paraded in Akure, the state capital, arrested for various offences ranging from armed robbery, kidnapping, illegal possession of firearms, fraud, and stealing among others.

Adeleye, said that “the group of burglars use the chemical substance to spray the room of the victims, so, they will sleep off, break the burglar, enter their houses dispose them of their valuables while some of them are raped.

“We have a group of burglars that specializes in drugging unsuspecting residents of various houses, so, they will sleep off, brake the burglary, enter their houses dispose them of their valuables while some of them are raped.

” Because of the high dose of drugs they injected in their system, some of them don’t even wake up, so, we’ve been able to break that syndicate too.

“They don’t normally have direct access to the victims, what they do is to jump across their fences, and pump in with syringe, this chemicals into their rooms, wait for about 30 to 40 minutes, every living thing inside the room sleeps off. So, whatever they do, you don’t know again.

On the border patrols, we’ve been able to rescue a couple of victims and some arrests are being made.

” Most of these arrests, after due diligence, will be prosecuted and the law will take it course on them.

So, that is why we are here to show part of the dividends of operation gable-bake of the Ondo State Security Network Agency, we have 32 suspects here awaiting trial.

“You will find out that most of these criminal activities take place in places where there are no Amotekun, majority of the criminal activities between Ondo/Osun, Ondo/Oyo and Ondo/Ogun is very easy for us since we work together.

” That is why they take solace in the boundary of Edo and Kogi.

“But of late, I give it to the conventional Security agencies both in Ondo, Edo and Kogi states, we’ve been working together and we are seeing positive results”

He said the corps also apprehend a group of syndicates that specializes in hypnotizing innocent citizens and either robbed or kidnapped them for ransom.

“We had reports that innocent citizens doing their normal businesses are apprehended, kidnapped, robbed, especially around Oja Oba, first bank, post office and Ilesha garage areas, so we lay siege and we were able to apprehend a group of a syndicate that specializes in hypnotizing innocent citizens and they are either rubbed or kidnapped for ransom

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