My Loyalty To Gov. Akeredolu Absolute, Says Olamide Falana

My attention was drawn to a news piece currently circulating today, 12th June, 2023 on  and edited by Aanu Adegun that I, Olamide Falana, was promised NDDC slot in exchange for loyalty towards Governorship ambition of one of the key aspirants. Also that this was made known by an unnamed member of the state executive council .
I want to state categorically that

  1. My loyalty to Mr Governor is total, unshaken and need never be in doubt.
  2. That the news is a lie from the pit of hell and its proponents are such who have sold their conscience to the devil for a mirage of power.
  3. That I have never held any meeting either physically or virtually or otherwise with any group either within or other groups outside the state cabinet  seeking election for governorship as I have always maintained that I await Mr Governors directives. Neither have I held any negotiations whatsoever.
  4. That I am not averse to any ones aspirations but will never be a part of any  inordinate ambition and devilish intentions.
  5. That the unnamed exco member that granted the interview should be bold enough to put his or her name and  come out with facts rather than such voiced fallacies and baseless assumptions while the news editor should come clean with facts, if he/she is not a fictitious name used to perpetuate falsehood.
  6. That a clean conscience harbours no fear hence he who must come to equity must also  do so with clean hands.
  7. That the news is an attempt at character assassination and name calling  against my person, because that is the height of injustice which must not be allowed to settle.
  8. That I deem it fit to use  this medium to establish the truth before collateral damage becomes irreparable.
    Thank you
    Olamide Falana

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