ODSG Inaugurates commitee to retrieve Government equipments

Ondo State Ministry of environment has inaugurated a seven-member Special Committee to retrieve equipments used for waste management in the state.

The Commissioner for Environment, Hon. Oyeniyi Oseni, said the purpose of the committee is to recover the ministry equipments which includes, tractors, trucks, excavators and other equipments for taking diets from the environment.

During the inauguration, the Commissioner explained that the Ondo State Government is not happy with the way the environment is being littered with dirt.

He appealed that all equipments being used for cleaning the environment should be recovered.

Oseni said, “I am appealing to this commitee, this exercise would be given two weeks, we are going to identify the trucks, the present location, we want to know where the 23 trucks provided by the government are, because these are our property that needed to be guided.

“We have to Set records straight to assist Ministry of Ennnvironment in Ondo State in the area of waste management in Ondo State, So that official would have more vehicles for the cleaning of environment”, Oseni said.

He noted that the organization taking diets away from the environment have not been doing a good job.

“We have seen the level of incapacitated of the people handling our waste management, The state government need to invest more on waste management, We need to access our strength, This is the  reasons we are clamouring for new vehicles”.

This commitee would assist us to have a new environment, We have to report to Mr governor that we have retrieved our equipments, We want people to return all our vehicles”

“We want to understand why someone had all our vehicles and we have waste all of the Town, Our MOU has not given our trucks out to anybody, We are committed to this reform” he added

The Chairman of the committee who is also the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr Akeju Omotayo said the assignment would be executed diligently.

Akeju said, “We had understand the purpose of this commitee, we have to locate where all our equipments are, and recover them back to the ministry.

“The equipments are 23 which are mainly for our environmental sanitation, most are trucks, tractors, excavators, when we have these with us our environment would take a new dimension”.


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