Ondo 2024: Ondo women, Ifedore, and deputy governorship position.

By Omolayo Famuyiwa

A statement was circulated on the social media yesterday with the heading “Ifedore Quest for Deputy Governorship position in 2024. In the statement, the writer gave reasons why it is the turn of Ifedore to produce the next deputy governor of Ondo state. The statement also gave the record of how different parts of Ondo Central have held different political positions and how Ifedore has not been fairly treated.

The writing that was signed by one comrade Fagbemi Isaac on behalf of Ifedore concerned citizens also frowned at the unjust sharing formula for political positions in the central senatorial district of Ondo State and therefore calling for justice for Ifedore as we approach 2024 Governorship election.

The arguments raised by the so called Ifedore concerned Citizens may sound reasonable, but it will be more intelligent and more reasonable for the group and other citizens of the local government who believe in the gospel to do more. It will be better for Ifedore people to crown their campaign by asking for the deputy governorship position specifically for a woman because if there is any constituency that Ondo has been most unfair to, it is the women constituency.

It is not a news that Ondo State is one of the few states in Nigeria where the women have been relegated politically. Since the creation of Ondo State in 1976, no woman has served either as governor or deputy governor of the state. This poor reality has been condemned by many but the style has not changed despite the condemnation. Many states in Nigeria have started to change this ugly style but Ondo State has not changed it.

The 2024 is another opportunity for Ondo state to correct this anomaly by giving a joint ticket to a man and woman just like it happened in Imo and Kogi states and most states in the country that respect women and believe in gender equality. And, good enough, Ifedore local government has capable women of competence with beautiful pedigree who can serve the state brilliantly. Ifedore has women who are intellectually capable to give Ondo state the sound leadership that the state needs.

To quote part of the statement issued by Ifedore concerned citizens, “Democracy in concept and practice is dynamic, an expression and expansion of man’s freedom and has overtime becomes synonymous with man’s progress. Democracy, like human interaction and relationship must not be taken for granted.”

The best way not to take the dynamic democracy for granted in this case is give Ondo state women a chance. And we ask that giving Ondo state women a chance should begin with doing justice to Ifedore women by giving one of them the deputy governorship position. That way, both Ifedore’s clamour and Ondo women’s request would be cured at once.

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