Ondo: Amb. Ayodeji Oritedi hails Oluwaseyi’s move from NNPP To APC

Hails him for the progressive decision by defecting to APC where his good dreams can be upheld.

It is a moment of joy having such an outstanding, capacity and potent dignity like you in APC, a leading party in our dear country. This is a plus to the APC structure and even Ondo State as a whole.

_We believe in your leadership skills because we from far witnessed your philanthropist ideology even when you didn’t belong to any political party nor have any interest in pursuing political goals. You intensified the ideology during your last contest, but it’s unfortunate the ball didn’t roll to your court.

You’ve made a bold step by joining one of Igbara-oke’s illustrious sons, an Ifedore-born political juggernaut, Amb Ayodeji Oritedi Victor in his political party. This an additional advantage to him and feathers to his crown amidst his political superiors and counterparts

On this note, the entire Campaign structure of Amb. Victor Ayodeji Oritedi hereby seize this opportunity to welcome you and congratulate you for joining the great party. We hope and believe that your deepest aspirations will be met and you will be able to sustain and increase the standard of your generosity and kindness towards the Development of the State .

Congratulations and welcome to APC

Signed Amb Ayodeji Oritedi Victor

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