Ondo Principal Urges Cultural Preservation at 2024 Asa Day

By: Jimmysayo Adebiyi

Dr. Bolanle Ojoge, the Principal of Fiwasaye Girl’s Grammar School in Akure, urged students and staff to uphold cultural values and traditions during the 2024 Asa Day festival. Addressing journalists in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, Dr. Ojoge emphasized the importance of preserving cultural heritage and warned against the erosion of traditional values due to modern practices.

Highlighting the significance of the annual celebration, Dr. Ojoge stressed the need to hold cultures and traditions in high esteem. She urged attendees to serve as exemplary representatives of society and expressed concern over the declining prevalence of indigenous languages, which encapsulate people’s identities and knowledge systems.

The event featured various cultural displays from different states, accompanied by the enjoyment of local delicacies. Dr. Ojoge underscored the importance of raising awareness about indigenous languages, noting their role in communicating deep values and norms to future generations.

Dr. Ojoge recounted her initiative to conduct assemblies in Yoruba language on Fridays and provide explanations in Yoruba to enhance students’ understanding. She advocated for government support to Yoruba teachers and encouraged other schools to adopt similar practices, receiving praise from Ministry of Education officials for promoting Yoruba values among students.

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