Pipeline Security: Niger Delta Group Hails President Tinubu, Lauds Tantita Contract Renewal

Niger Delta Patriots (NDP), a conglomerate of Nigerians from Niger Delta States, has applauded Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, for the renewal of the contract awarded to the Tantita Security Services by the Federal Government under his immediate predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari.

The group, while addressing journalists in Akure, Ondo State Capital, on Wednesday, commended the President approving the continued security of the pipelines by the Niger-Delta-based security organisation. The group, through its President, Chief Bidemi Obayangban, said President Tinubu deserves huge plaudits for the political will to take the right and popular decision in spite of dissenting political persuation to do otherwise.

Jonathan said: “The renewal by the Federal Government of the contract of Tantita Security Services is, without prejudice, is popular decision taken on merit. It’s the best decision given the fact that the organisation has evidently justified its charge since it was first entrusted with the job in August, 2022. As Niger Delta indigenes, we are thanking President Tinubu for being interested in sustaining the relative peace in the region which is largely attributable to the efforts of the Tantita Security Services.

“Tantita has recorded towering leaps; it has unearthed several illegal pipelines in the country and repeatedly captured vessels barring barrels of stolen crude oil. But for Tantita presence, the countless conduits that previously existed as thieving avenues for enriching corrupt individuals in the country would have been preserved to the detriment of the country. Since the new sheriff took charge of the oil lines, meeting up with the 1.8 million barrels crude oil quota per day has been happening with relative ease.”

“It has clinically exposed hundreds of delibrate oil leakages on major pipelines. It has unwrapped, through diligent surveillance, major fraudulent pipelines linked to deep seas as operated by oil thieves for ages. Tantita discovered a 4-kilometer illicit pipeline along the Trans Escravos line to the chagrin and plaudits of the country. Its interception of vessel transporting stolen crude oil on the sea within the Niger Delta region continues to wow citizens. By these incredible exploits, Tantita has earned the confidence of Nigerians and the government of Nigeria.”

Obayangban added that, without prejudice, the narrative has changed since the first approval in our August 2022 when President contracted the surveillance of pipelines to the Tantita Security Services; and, quite obviously, the decision has since checked the usual massive oil theft in the region. Putting Tantita in charge has proven to be evidently resultful. Since the security organisation took over, stories about troubles with oil lines that hitherto headlined national and international news outlets have literarily taken a flight. Instead, success stories have thenceforth emanated from the creeks.

According to him: “The Niger Delta region, the government and citizens have since enjoyed evident calm; illegal pipelines that used to constitute headaches for the country and hurts her economy have become history as a result of the strides of Tantita Security Services. Oil production has since palpably soared and revenue upped for the benefits of all. It is on the strength of its evident performance that President Tinubu should sustain the contract for the organisation whose magic wand has made the bold difference deserves maximum support, so that Nigeria’s economy soars unhitched.”

The group called on all critical stakeholders, including the youth and traditional institutions to give President Tinubu the patience and latitude required for reshaping the country for the better and for sustained peace in the Niger Delta region.

Established in the heart of the Niger Delta, Tantita Security Services commits itself to safeguarding critical assets, while specialising in providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Oil and Gas Sector, securing the pipelines against vandalism, oil theft and related challenges.

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