Scorecard: How, In Six Months, Chris Ayebusiwa Carved A Niche As Outstanding Lawmaker

The guy who answers the name Chris Ayebusiwa is no new entrant to the political space of Ondo State, having been around as value addition in profound ways for a while. What appears new about this genius is the extent of his impacts since he was elected into the 10th House of Assembly.

Chris Ayebusiwa has been a center of attention in his constituency- Okitipupa Constituency I- since he ousted the incumbent against all odds with an unprecedented score in both primary and general election that have made him a focal point within the political circles.

The torrential dividends and darling deliveries that have since punctuated his brief stay at the hallowed chamber seem to explain the reason his constituents have always stood by him. It is as though they, all along, knew the stuff he is made of and sure of his capacity to deliver.

Hardly had Chris settled down to his primary legislative assignments before he begins to unleash pleasant surprises on his people. The lawmaker, in setting out, organised a quiz competition alongside scholarship for public secondary schools in Okitipupa Constituency I. The gesture aimed at recommitting the students to academic excellence and reviving reading culture among students proved to be greatly fulfilling as winners and participants received glowing recognitions and monetary prizes.

In line with his avowed plan to improve on community health, Ayebusiwa, the people’s rep, organised medical outreach in collaboration with Ondo State University of Medical sciences to help with requisite diagnosis, treatments and free dispense of drugs for the various ailments.

For the high premium he placed on women and girl children, Hon Ayebusiwa intently created an office through which he reaches out regularly to female folks as he helps to promote gender equality and reduce discrimination against women, manned by his Special Assistant on Women and Girl Child Affairs. Through this invaluable office, he has made monetary and material donations to women and has distributed sanitary napkins to girls in his constituents.

Chris organised for his constituents graphics design class to teach the fundamental principles of graphics and design, and help participants develop requisite skills to create effective visual communications. The programme was a huge success to the extent that constituents gain robust understanding of the principles of design and apply them in real-world situations, thereby helping them to develop job portfolios and generate incomes for sustainability.

Ayebusiwa, who emerged as the best lawmaker in the state, has made repeated for reading and writing materials for pupils through the programme he tagged “Back to School”. The initiative has greatly relieved the parents who might not have had enough resources to support their own educationally, given the economic straits in the country. The programme also motivated increased attendance at schools since pupils already have the reading and writing supplies they needed.

In order to create more opportunities for young constituents within Okitipupa Constituency I, honourable Ayebusiwa did organised a technical training programme for graduates in partnership with the Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa. Through the programme, participants’ skills were honed to help those employed secure their jobs and make fresh graduates employable, beyond certification. It also gives trainees opportunity to establish on their own and make a living independently.

The foregoing projects, notwithstanding, Chris, in private capacity, continues to make interventions for constituents in several instances, giving financial support to students, making donations and monetary reliefs to constituents where necessary. In collaboration with Seed of Deborah, Chris Ayebusiwa has paid tutions for indigent students in both primary and secondary schools.

Compassionate Chris boundlessly cares as he runs regularly errands capable of improving on the socioeconomic status of the constituency he represents at the State House of Assembly. For his people who are constantly wowed by his unmatched performance, they daily pray that his tribe multiplies.

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