Group Calls For Equity, Fairness In Choice of Ondo Speaker

A group of residents in the entire stretch of Ondo kingdom under the aegis of Ondo Residents Political Awareness Forum (ORPAF) has called for fairness, equity and justice in the choice of next Speaker of the state assembly.

While addressing a press conference in Akure on Friday, the group’s Coordinator, Engr. Felix Akinboboye hinged on the need for equality, fairness and compliance
with the standing rules of the House in the choice of next speaker of the Assembly.

Akinboboye however described Hon. Olamide Adesanmi Oladiji (Landmark) as the natural choice to become the next speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly. He said that the speakership position should in good conscience be zoned to Ondo Central if fairness and equality are to be given deserved place in the selection process.

He added that Hon. Landmark is the only ranking APC member of the assembly from Ondo Central. Akinboboye therefore emphasized that there must not be any debate on who and where the next Ondo Assembly Speaker should come from.

“We are shockingly surprised that there are debates now on who should be next Speaker of Ondo Assembly. It is quite clear that the speaker is expected to come from Ondo Central Senatorial District since the Governor is from Ondo North and the Deputy Governor is from Ondo South. Also, the standing rules of Ondo Assembly equally favours so strongly the selection of a ranking member.

“As we can see, Hon. Landmark is representing Ondo East State Constituency and he is from Ondo Central Senatorial District. He is a ranking member and a very loyal and highly committed member of APC. He is manifestly competent and known for his high level integrity and this is in addition to being a man of good moral standing.

“Landmark is also highly ranked in the hierarchy of Ondo State House of Assembly. Oladiji is a Principal Officer of the Assembly as he once served as the Majority Leader and now the Deputy Majority Leader. He also clearly possesses leadership qualities and this he had demonstrated on several instances. In all, Hon. Landmark possesses all it take to become the next Speaker of Ondo Assembly”.

Meanwhile, the group has also appealed to Governor Akeredolu to live up to his good character by ensuring that Ondo Central is not shortchanged in the choice of the next Speaker. Akinboboye cited instances of how Aketi had in the past resolutely fought and stood against unfair and inequitable sharing of political positions at both state and national levels.

“Our passionate appeal to Governor Akeredolu is to please ensure that the right thing is done in the choice of next Speaker of Ondo Assembly. Our fearless governor recently spoke against the inequality he perceived in the zoning formula released by APC NWC for National Assembly positions. He had also made it known at several fora that Ondo South would be next in line to produce the next governor of the Sunshine State. These are a few instances of his unpretentious aversion for inequality and injustice. We know our governor as strong advocate and defender of justice, equity and fairness.

“We also want to appeal to all the power players, members of Ondo State House of Assembly as well as APC leadership in the state to please ensure that the right thing is done in choosing the 10th Assembly Speaker. Care must be taken not to rock the legislative and political boat of Ondo State. Our state should not sacrifice equality, fairness and sense of belonging on the alter of political patronage. This will be divisive and badly impinge on our sense of togetherness.

“The only thing that is expectedly right at this time is to zone the speakership position to Ondo Central while the standing rule of the House should also be upheld. The Governor is from Ondo North and the Speaker cannot and should not come from Ondo North at the expense of Ondo Central. The same way that the Speaker cannot come from Ondo South because the Deputy Governor is from the zone.
Anyone that may be scheming to have the governor and speaker from same zone; or the Speaker and Deputy Governor from same zone should have a rethink. These characters should allow the overall interest of Ondo State to override individuals interests”, Akinboboye counselled.

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