NDIGBOAMAKA Market Leaders dissassociate Themselves From G50 Group

Ndigboamaka Progressive Markets Association is the umbrella body of major market Associations in lagos. This clarification is necessitated by some insinuations and misconceptions which formed our intent for this press release .

This press statement is also to alert our dear Governor of Lagos state, His Excellency Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the trading and general public on the activities of a newly formed group called G50 as it concerns the Market leaders.

It has come to the notice of Ndigboamaka Association that the G50 has been portraying our Association as an affiliate member of the group and we want to clearly and unambiguously state that its is not true and far from the truth.

As earlier stated ,our Association ( Ndigboamaka) is the umbrella body of major market Associations with 58 major market associations as affiliates.

The G50 group is a coalition of major Igbo groups as claimed by its facilitators but it is imperative to state here that Market Associations affiliated to our association are not members of G50 and have no alliance whatsoever with the group.

The group claimed to be an Igbo campaign group for our Governor Mr Babajide Sanwo-Ollu. May we seize this opportunity to remind all that our Association (Ndigboamaka) was the first organisation to publicly endorse Mr Governor for a second term on the 5th of May 2022 and has remained committed to that objective.

We wish to state that Ndigboamaka Association is not averse to having a working relationship with regards to the re-election of our Governor but such group or organisation must be in tandem with the vision and objectives of our Association as regards such endeavour.

We also want to let his Exellency, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to know that we have never for once sat with anybody in the name of ‘G50’ for any meeting / discussion, therefore we disassociate ourselves from anyone or group that drops the name of our Association or its members as their members.

We have not collected any gift from the so called G50 on behalf of Mr Governor and we will never take such gifts except the ones that comes to us directly from Mr Governor via our representative in the Market Advisory Council, Comrade Chinedu Ukatu.

The G50 can go ahead with their sensitisation and mobilisation of Igbos for our dear Governor for a second term in office, as we already have our own programme regarding the subject matter and are also putting all machineries on ground with our members in the markets and will not hesitate to liaise with Mr Governor once we need his attention.

We plead with Mr Governor to feel free to reach our Association via our secretariate whever our attention is needed and based on what we represent.

We reiterate that we are chasing same goal but with different ideologies. The G50 does not have the interest of the Market Unions at heart and therefore cannot be in alliance with us or speak for us.

Ndigboamaka Progressive markets Association is a trade union not a political group, but we align with his Excellency Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Ollu based on our constitutional stipulation that the association shall associate with any group, person or political party who are ready and committed to protecting the interest of the trading public .

This information is meant to give clarity to all gray areas regarding our stand and to also warn whoever that wants to play the role of an impostor or drag our Association/Market leaders names to the mud.

We are unapologetically loyal to our dear Governor and looking forward to further engagements with Mr Governor on the welfare and interest of the Market Associations.

Long live Ndigboamaka.
Long live Lagos State.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


1, Chief Dr Jude Ringo

.2 Hon Comrade Chinedu
Ukatu( fcism)
President, Prog auto
Dealers Association.
Secretary General
3, Nze Basil E Osuokwu
Natl Cordinator
4,Chief Tochukwu Ezeani.
Vice President.
5 , Sir Mike Enendu.
President Article dealers
6,Amb charles Okafor
Fin Secretary
7,Chief Tony Okeke.
President Mandilas Intl
Trade centre Trade fair
8, Barr Ugo Ewelaku
Legal Adviser

9,Chief Eric Ilechukwu
President, Association
Of Progressive traders
( APT) trade fair.
Chairman of all
Stakeholders in Trade
10,Hon Bro Leo Ogbonnia
Secretary CTC BBA
Trade fair.
11,Chief Eze Ifeoma
African tyre village
Vice President.
12,Mr Dennis Igboanugo.
President , Agric coker
building material
13,Comr Chinedu ukatu.
President, Progressive
Auto dealers Assoc.
14,Chief Jude Nwankwo
President General.
Ladipo Intl Market
15, Mr Africanus
Secretary General.
Ladipo Intl market.
16,Comr Obinna
President RADA
17,Mr Clement Molokwu.
Chairman, Assciation
of Fashion wear
Lagos island .
18,Mr Marcel Ozonweke
Chairman, Weavon and
Hair dealers lagos.
19,Mr Ejike Ogbonnia
Chairman, United
Costmetics dealers
Lagos island.
20,Nze Marcel Okezue.
President, Electrical
Dealers association
Alaba international.
21,Hon Vincent Ikwueze
Chairman, Olojo drive
Traders Association
Alaba international.
22,Hon Mbonu Geoffry.
President FFDA Alaba.
President General
Alaba Amalgamated
Traders association.
23,Chief Ify Ogamba.
President Abule Ado
Building materials
24,Prince Tony Nwakeze
President, Computer
Village Ikeja.
25,Mr Augustine
Omenyi. Chairman
United bizmen and
Women lagos

     26 , Nze Chris Oraukwu
           President, Phone 

For and on behalf of other affiliate market Associations.

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