Vote For APC To Redeem Nigeria- Fadola Tells Electorates

Hon. (Prince) Aderosoye Fadola, the Director of Ifedore Local Government APC Campaign committee has advised the Indigenes of Ilara-Mokin and Nigerians at large to vote for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the coming election to redeem Nigeria.

Aderosoye gave this advise while receiving three People’s Democratic Party (PDP) stalwarts who decamped to APC in Ilara-mokin, yesterday.

Hefurther stated that ” We should join hands together for the progress of Nigeria. The position of the APC now is very high, I can tell you that in the forth coming election, we will deliver, the margin will be very massive. What is happening presently in Nigeria, only Asiwaju can deliver, he’s the only one that can make this country better, for now, there’s nothing like PDP in Ifedore today, I’m very proud that we will deliver”.

“What is happening presently in Nigeria now has nothing to do with election, they only want to use this issue of naira and fuel scarcity to reduce Asiwaju’s vote, they don’t want him to be the next president because they know that he’s the only person that can do it. All the people behind these things have been exposed, they want to use all that is happening in the country to work against the Yorubas, but I can assure you that we will see a greater Nigeria after the election”.

“All the decampees are working towards a better Nigeria, they believe that PDP can’t do anything, they have nothing to deliver, they know that APC has a future. I know that with their experience from their former party, they will surely do well in APC”.

Rt. Hon. Ayo Agbonmuseri, a leader of the party and also, a former speaker, Ondo State House of Assembly expressed his happiness to receive the decampees. He said “they have already discovered that nothing meaningful can come out of the party they were before, that is why they have decided to move and pitch their tents with a better party.

” In ward 2 of Ilara-Mokin, the man that led the decampees said since he has been a member of PDP, he didn’t know what is happening in the party and his life has changed ever since he decided to decamp to APC, they knew they have been decieving themselves since all these days in PDP, that’s why they have decided to go join our party”.

“APC is a party for everybody, there’s no joiner, there’s no founder, the moment you find yourself in APC, you’re a member of the party, they have the same advantage with the person that has been in APC since inception, there’s no seniority in entitlements, everyone is qualified for any office”.

“I believe this coming election is for APC, from the Presidency, to the Senate, to House of Reps, to the House of Assembly”.

According to Ademola Agunsoye (Nautica) who led the decampees, his reason for decamping is because PDP is not a party someone can reckon with because there’s lack of equity.

“PDP is a visionless party, though I’m the vice chairman of PDP ward 2 but I don’t like the way they behave in the party especially in Ilara-Mokin and Ifedore in general, only the leaders are enjoying, the followers are lagging behind, that’s why I have decided to move my people from the suburbs also to APC”.

“I advice all the electorates to get their PVCs ready and vote for APC during the elections. I’ve told the people that I decamped with what to do and they are ready to work”.

The three decampees include; Ademola Agunsoye (Nautica), Adejugbe Adebowale and Peter Fawolu (Dindin).

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