ODHA: Ogunwumiju, as PS, Augurs Prospects

Last Saturday, members of the 10th Ondo State House of Assembly were officially inducted. The night before it, the 9th Assembly was dissolved with its fair dossier. The dissolution would give way for new set of legislators to emerge in a rendezvous variously peopled. The climate was both of solemnity and fulgence, yet the event was, by fair measure, a good deal of grandeur.

The inaugural sitting, to a large extent, was grand; its rituals were artful and inductees filed in apple-pie order. It produced, in its wake, the parliment’s principal officers who would conduct its affairs in the new tournament. That is the standard. It is correctly conventional for the parliament to elect captains from its premiere congress as a precondition for a seamless start; that was orderly done and would set the tone for subsequent orderings, other things being equal.

In more ways than one, the 10th Assembly appeals to the public. Even by its first outing, it has given a good impression, a finesse many have guessingly attributed to the urbanity of its larger part. It is not untrue that the lawmakers came with credible credentials, and they have, on this note, been well rated by the public. This hallmark, at closer measure, wears exceptional garb for the 10th assembly and bigly swells its prospects.

The pantheon houses great brains, and therein looms large the new parliamentary secretary, Moyinolorun Taiwo Ogunwumiju, who is in a class of his own. In several fronts, he stands out as a refined and resourceful material; and he has huge political mileage ahead of him. Ogunwumiju typifies the sort of persona that every progressive constituency should field for political offices in the ultimate interest of public wellness; and quite frankly, Ondo West Constituency I deserves loud applause for the choice it made in Moyinolorun.

A bonafide Ondo-born, Ogunwumiju who hails from Ondo West Local Government Area of the State, rode on impeccable pedigree and unblemished personality to office and bringing to bear on his legislative roles vast experience of corporate governance, rare leadership preparations and, of course, boardroom talents.

Moyinolorun possesses outstanding public spirit that makes a huge asset for his community; his affection for his birth place and constituents is second to none as evidenced by his sterling record of community service. Buoyed by innate leadership skills, he is unswervingly committed to achieving holistic development for his constituency.

For the love of his people, he did facilitate tangible projects to upscale the living conditions of Ondo constituents, chief of which was the construction of the inner city road from Oka Junction to Esso Junction in the heart of Ondo City, a highly laudable project financed by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Accomplished petroleum and gas engineer, Moyinolorun was trained at University of Lagos, Nigeria, and University of Leeds, United Kingdom, where he, as the best graduating student, won the Armstrong prize. He has since honed his fine leadership aptitude with exemplary account of service with a multi national company, where he left, lately, as the supply chain Manager, to be of service to his prized community.

The meteoric leadership credentials that threw Ogunwumiju up as a burgeoning, sought-after political player among in his generation must have attracted the massive votes he garnered from electors; the same alluring qualifications may have convinced his fellow legislators to entrust him with a pivotal position as parliamentary secretary, a decision that gives the assembly out as ready to act its status.

The 10th assembly has obviously started well. Its acts, including enlisting Ogunwumiju as part of its arrowheads, suggest this strongly; that is how to do a different business, to project its prospects.

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