Ondo Concerned Elders Forum Criticizes Ondo Rep Members Over Allegations Against Governor Aiyedatiwa

The Concerned Elders Forum has expressed disapproval of recent allegations made by certain members of the Ondo State All Progressives Congress (APC) Caucus in the House of Representatives regarding Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa’s administration.

The group outrightly rejected the claims made by the lawmakers, including Hon. Adesida Abiodun Cornelius, Hon. Timehin Adelegbe, Hon. Festus Adefiranye Ayodele, Hon. Ojogo Donald Kimikanboh, Hon. Odimayo Okunjimi John, and Hon. Adegboyega Adefarati. The group stated, “These individuals, driven by their own political agendas and personal interests, are only seeking to undermine the progress and unity achieved under Governor Aiyedatiwa’s leadership.”

The group, through its National Coordinator, Sir. (Dr) Ipinsaye Akindolie made this statement in response to the open letter released by the lawmakers on Thursday in Abuja.

“It is evident that these lawmakers are merely attempting to deflect attention from their woeful performance in their constituencies by fabricating baseless accusations against Governor Aiyedatiwa. Their sudden concern for the well-being of former Governor Akeredolu after his death rings hollow, considering their past indifference and neglect towards the late Governor and the State’s affairs despite the political unrest that occurred, which gained attention from the President and even the international community. These lawmakers never issued a one-paragraph letter to either the President or the Press,” the group said.

Contrary to their claims, the group emphasized that Governor Aiyedatiwa has significantly restored hope and confidence in governance among the people of Ondo State. They noted that his proactive measures have led to increased citizen participation and a renewed sense of optimism for the future.

Regarding the dissolution of the State Executive Council, the group asserted that it was not only lawful but also necessary to pave the way for effective governance. They stated that Governor Aiyedatiwa has the prerogative to choose his team based on merit and alignment with his vision for the State’s development.

“The assertion that Governor Aiyedatiwa seeks to erase the legacy of the late Governor Akeredolu is unfounded and misleading. On the contrary, Governor Aiyedatiwa has publicly acknowledged and honoured the achievements of his predecessor while also forging ahead with new initiatives to address the pressing needs of the people of Ondo State. He even withholds all major government activities in the State including the inauguration of cabinet members to honour his predecessor.

“The dissolution of local government officials was done in compliance with a court order and aimed at restoring integrity and accountability to local governance. Any disruption caused by such action must be viewed by reasonable minds as temporary and outweighed by the long-term benefits to the State’s administration,” the group remarked.

OCEF strongly warned the lawmakers not to plunge Ondo State into another round of political unrest, noting that the citizens of the State are just recovering from the recent one that lasted almost a year.

“While sending a strong warning to these lawmakers, we want to remind them to prioritize the interests of their constituents over petty political manoeuvres. Let them concentrate on fulfilling their duties as representatives rather than indulging in baseless accusations and divisive rhetoric.

“We urge President Tinubu not to be swayed by the self-serving motives of these lawmakers and to continue focusing on addressing the pressing issues facing Nigeria. The people of Ondo State stand firmly behind Governor Aiyedatiwa and remain confident in the APC’s ability to secure victory in the upcoming elections.

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