Anxiety in Ondo over dead body found in drainage

There was an apprehension as yet-to-be identified lifeless body concealed in a sack bag have been found in a gutter around Green Park area at Oke-Aro in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo state.

The Hope Metro gathered that the burnt body identified as male was found at the early hours of Monday 2nd January, 2023, a day after the New year celebration.

The sight of the body made residents worrisome suspicious and questioned the security of everyone in the area.

According to report, the commuters became worried on how the mutilated body got there and what could have led to the death of the man and why he was burnt.

An eyewitness who does not want his name in print, said the body looks like it was dropped at the location as there was no sign that the burning took place where the body was dumped.

Residents of the area, however, called on the authorities concerned to evacuate the male burnt body from the location to avoid epidemic.

Contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the Ondo State police command, SP Fumilayo Odunlana Omisanyo, confirmed that their was a reported case of a corpse in a sack dumped in a gutter yesterday.

“It was realised that something was burning in a gutter. Although, the message we got was that a shop was burning. But by the time we got there, we saw a sack in the gutter. Observing the content closely, we discovered that it was a whole dead and burnt human being.

Omisanya revealed that the bag was dumped there at the early hours of the day at about 7 am while everyone was going about their normal businesses.

She said, “When the police say “see something, say something”, this is exactly what we are talking about.

“If anyone had said something at the time they saw such a huge bag dumped in that gutter, we would have been able to get a clue as to what happened.”she said.

The PPRO advised that people should not keep quiet at times like this, and they should be more careful at the happenings within and around their communities.

” These are not times to look away. if anyone had accused the person dumping something in the gutter, there could have been a way to see what was in the sack and the perpetrator of such evil act could have been apprehended,” she stated.

She hinted that investigations have started, expressing hope to get to the root of the matter soonest.

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