Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo: The Journey So Far

Many Giant Strides Of Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo As Reps Member

When public officers who are bequeathed with the commonwealth of the people perform their primary duty, which is to give the people a quality and adequate representation, the people will surely rejoice.

If there’s anything which has truncated the holistic development and growth of our communities in Nigeria, it is the dearth of true leadership. Our communities have lacked selfless leaders who are bent on leaving good legacies which will serve their communities and the generations to come.

In the last decades, the current political structure has seen to the emergence of politicians who seek nothing but personal gratification, and would always give nothing but flimsy excuse for their below the par performance.

However, while we speak of politicians in the aforementioned category, it’s thus pleasing to note that among the dark linings of our political sky, we do have a silver lining, notably among politicians who have made a good name for themselves in the current political dispensation. The member, House of Representatives, representing Akoko North East/North West Federal Constituency, Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo is the man.

Here is an individual, who, among others, has given a good account of himself. He came with one purpose and that’s to serve his people, and if there’s anything which he has succeeded in doing, it is to deliver for his people the right and the long desired dividends of democracy.

His Federal constituency, like never before, has received a wholesome transformation which has successfully changed the narrative for them. The region has continued to witness a great deal of economic growth and development all because of the infrastructural development which has been facilitated in the federal constituency.

For them, the last four years has been an amazing ride for them and this is because they can confidently say that they have a lawmaker who has given himself for the task. One who has turned the federal constituency to a construction site. A walk in the constituency will show you the arrays of projects executed by him as there is no area in the community which has not benefited from BTO as he’s fondly called.

The feedback from the people who are chiefly the electorate evidently shows a cordial relationship between them and their elected representative who has continued to ensure that he meets all his electoral promises.

Even in an economic dispensation when most politicians are lamenting paucity of funds to carry out their constitutional duties, BTO has taken it upon himself to ensure that his people get what they need. For him, instead of giving excuses, he has continued to deliver projects across the communities in the federal constituency leaving the question of how he is able to do all these despite the cash crunch as stated by other politicians.

He didn’t just arrive at this point in a vacuum, his trajectory into the state’s cum national politics has seen him move from being known as a newbie to a seasoned politician, a proactive young lawmaker who has intentional positioned himself to become the poster face for quality representation and leadership.

It’s not surprising to see him becoming an exemplary figure for politicians who seek to do something different for their people. Also, it is not surprising to see him become a reference point for the electorate who hope and pray that they get a credible leader like Hon Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo.

There’s no better way to put it, here is a beautiful story of a representative and the people he represents, one fueled by pure love and mutual respect.

When it comes to project delivery, BTO has facilitated the successful completion of the Akoko Anglican Grammar School, ICT Centre, Arigidi Akoko, Okota High School Skill Acquisition Centre, Arigidi Akoko, Arigidi to Iye Road, Arigidi to Oke-Agbe Road, the donation of a 520KVA Transformer to Erusu Akoko, 10,000 litres solar borehole in Ikaram Akoko,  Micro Finance Road, Ogbagi Akoko, Ese/Irun Road, Hon. About Road Ogbagi Akoko, Oyin Oge Road, Ajowa Central Mosque Road, No.4 CAC Road, Irun Akoko among many others.

It would also be recalled that BTO donated 20 motorcycles to the regional security network, Amotekun Corps, in Ondo State. According to him, this was part of his plans to complement the efforts of the state government to boosting the security architecture of the state. It would also be recalled that Rep Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo two years ago donated four vehicles to the officials of the Nigerian Police Force in the region.

He also vowed to create an environment for education to thrive in Akoko North East/North West. He has donated educational materials to all public secondary schools in his constituency and facilitated the construction of modern classrooms in public schools to make learning conducive. 

BTO also recently gave scholarship to fatherless undergraduates from Ajowa, and he remains committed to the payment of school fees of indigent students. For those yet to be admitted into any institution of higher learning, the quintessential lawmaker has so far obtained and distributed more than 1000 JAMB forms and enrolled hundreds of students in computer training.

About 6000 youths have been empowered with skills to become their own bosses, while a new skill acquisition centre has been approved for Ogbagi Akoko.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Nigeria in 2020 and led to a lockdown, BTO donated food items to all communities in his constituency.

There have also been broadly positive contributions to healthcare. Tunji-Ojo donated 14 ambulances to all the health centres in his constituency for quick response to health challenges. Beyond the ambulances, public hospitals in his constituency were also equipped with multimillion naira modern health equipment courtesy of BTO.

In all of this, the place of traditional institutions has not been neglected. BTO acknowledges the roles of traditional institutions in the development journey of any community, and to appreciate their roles, he donated two 18-seater buses to the council of traditional rulers in each of the local government areas in his constituency.

Akoko is his home, and it is not surprising to see some of his legislative footprints in other parts of Akoko outside his constituency.

Through his legislative influence, BTO facilitated the rehabilitation of some roads in Akungba, the community hosting the Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA) in Akoko South East/South West Federal Constituency.

Most recently, BTO put in place a  scholarship scheme worth N50 million to assist indigent students in his constituency.

No fewer than 1000 indigent students, who are indigenes of Akoko are expected to benefit from this scholarship scheme.

We have an endless list of the sterling achievements of Rep. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, and the people of Akoko North/East North West, and all these have shown the unrivalled commitment of the lawmaker to doing the very best for his people.

These giant strides have reaffirmed his position that he would do more if given the opportunity by his people to continue come 2023.

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